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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taylor Made for My Reading List
One of the best books I have ever encountered exposing the fallacies of the so-called "scientific" understanding of origins is "In the Minds of Men" by Ian T. Taylor. I read someone else's copy of this book more than 5 years ago and was impressed enough to order a copy for delivery to my father in England.

I had hoped that it would reverse some of the poisonous evolutionism and scientism that have polluted his mind since he was a young family man, just after WW II. He is the living proof that evil ideas have evil effects upon the mind and soul. I don't mean that he is an evil man - no more so than any of us - but that his mind has been warped and poisoned against the truth by the twisted and wicked lies of 19th Century rationalistic world view.

Francis Schaeffer and Os Guinness have explained better than I ever could how the "dust of death" residing in humanistic ideas, originally conceived in the intelligentsia and then propagated through the higher learning institutions, finally came to corrupt the minds of people in ordinary society through art, books, music, education and popular media.

My Dad had entered the war as a callow, idealistic and naive youth and exited it as a penniless married man, the father of two, with the prospects of returning to a job filing brass doorknobs all week and hacking up his lungs all weekend. As an intelligent and sensitive person he was ripe soil for the popularization of rationalistic ideals because he had certainly been disillusioned by the loss of his youth and the horrors of war.

Regrettably, the book seemed to have little effect on my father. After having him lend it to my (ex-Moonie) brother, I had him send his copy to my Son-in-Law in Vancouver, because he had been asking questions about origins and other things. As a Veterinary Doctor,
swimming against the prevailing scientific wisdom would have been hard for him. I don't know if he read the book before he died. But I came across it on my daughter's bookshelf while I was there last month and borrowed the book, bringing it back with me for a second read. It's still that good, even though the edition I have is a bit dated.

From time to time I might post the odd excerpt as I ramble along at my ever slowing pace. It may be the only way some of you can even get the feel for this work since the book is presently out of print.


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