Agonizomai: Sermon of the Week<br>The Repentance of Nineveh

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sermon of the Week
The Repentance of Nineveh

I've never listened to this preacher before but I was drawn to the subject matter, having myself delivered a series of Sunday School lessons on the book of Jonah, and which I may re-post here at a later time.

I liked this man's sense of humor, which was never at the expense of his message. He takes a gentle dig at our Arminian brothers and makes a few swipes at many modern church trends and fads - but never with bile or bitterness in his tone.

He may be a little more ready to picture God as "changing His mind" than I would, but it is only because we express the same truth with a slightly different emphasis. I liked the sermon most of all because he illustrated, from the Word of God, that right evangelism delivers God's message in God's way.

This message was originally delivered at the "True Church Conference, 2009". Enjoy...

The Repentance of Nineveh

Rev. David Miller


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