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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Copyright and Fair Use

Except where stated, all material on this site is my copyright and is covered by this Creative Commons License which can also be found by following the link in the sidebar or footer of this blog.

Your Use of My Copyrighted Materials

You may use any of my original materials under the following conditions:
a) You do not use it for commercial purposes

b) You may not alter the material in any way

c) You give proper attribution for the material

d) You provide a link to my blog site using this link.

e) You notify me of your intentions, by Email to this address

My Use of Materials and Images

Every attempt has been made to ensure that material used on this site that comes from other sources is:
a) not subject to copyright or

b) not under copyright or

c) covered by "fair use" provisions or

d) attributed to the original copyright owner with permission and linkage.
If you feel that any material used on this site is in contravention of your copyright then please contact me at this link and I will remove the offending material immediately.

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