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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sermon of the Week
What is the Gospel? - D.A. Carson
Once more it is Don Carson who is featured. Here, he speaks at The Gospel Coalition in May 2007. The topic of "What is the Gospel?" essentially takes one of the most well known Biblical summaries of the gospel and exegetes from it the full depth of what is implied by the term "gospel".

Two of his main points are as follows:
Firstly, the gospel is NOT something Christians need to hear once and then get on with it; hearing and understanding more and more about the gospel is something that is integral and vital in living out and growing in the whole Christian life.

Secondly, the gospel is not to be summed up in modern aphorisms or one-liners that lead to a shallow and tragically incomplete understanding of it - and a consequently bankrupt apologetic.
It is good to see Carson finally grasping my blog materials here and here [/humor]. Now here's the REAL thing...

What is the Gospel - D.A. Carson


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