Agonizomai: Hiatus - August 22- 31, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hiatus - August 22- 31, 2009
On August 22nd my Father and Brother will be coming for a visit. My Dad will be 90 next March. He looks like a lower mileage model of me, don't you think? My brother is 65 and I have more hair than he. Here they both are from a photo taken after my Mom's funeral in 2008.

Yes, the picture was taken outside a pub where we had just enjoyed a pint of England's finest bitter. I hope to have one more before I die.

This is to let my readers know that I shall be incommunicado on the dates listed above. The blog will self-post (but not, hopefully, self-destruct) during that time, but don't look for too much response to the voluminous number of comments that may arrive throughout that period.

Please pray for traveling mercies for my relatives and that they will have a healthy and happy stay here in the Great White North. And, if you really enjoy a challenge, pray that I will be found a gracious, generous and considerate host.


Blogger Roxylee said...

I'm so glad your posts will still go on while you are not being a curmudgeon to you dad and older brother. They will see how much you've grown spiritually since the last time they met with you. :-)

We will be in prayer that all will not only go smoothly, but will be a real blessing to all. And have a pint for me, even though I prefer a glass of red wine. ;-)

10:13 am  
Blogger agonizomai said...


Since I have to be a curmudgeon to somebody, and I'll be trying not to be to my relatives, I wonder if you will be ducking and running for cover?

I hope they will see what I cannot.

Thank you for your prayers.

It's hard to get a good pint on this side of the pond. It's just not the same. Even the English beer here seems like so much brown pop. So having a beer is something that, for me, seems only to go with being in England.

Enjoy your wine while you give thanks for it.



12:25 pm  
Blogger Roxylee said...

Sure, be as curmudeonly as you like. I've raised 4 hormonal daughters and now have two young grandsons that come over ll the time. Not to brag, but I can handle anything by now. I'm glad your computer is fixed. :-)

5:26 pm  

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