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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Lay It Down - Roxylee

Once more, the fabulous Roxylee brings her godly gift to share with us on Agonizomai.

You gotta listen to this one more than once and follow the words, too. This isn't plastic Christianity. And it's worth more than all the sterile theology that I tend to pump out, even on my best day. This stuff comes with scars from the trenches. It comes from somebody who has been shell-shocked and still held their ground. This is the real McCoy. Forget all of that clappy happy stuff. See beyond the veneer of mere surface profession that is so often what we are shown and look deeper into a faith that is forged in the fires of tribulation and adversity. And then give glory to God Who fashioned this in and for and through our sister, Roxylee.

O yes! And don't miss the kazoo riff at the end. What a great touch! It's the only instrument I was ever able to play, which I did as a kid, but then "outgrew". Maybe in my memory, I sound better than I actually did.

Lay It Down

When things are not going good
Don’t turn out like you think they should
When you’ve done all that you could
Lay it down

When everything feels like a trial
Just can’t go another mile
And you’ve forgotten how to smile
Lay it down

Turn your eyes to heaven
Know you’re not alone
The one who hears your heart
Will guide you home

When you watch that cutthroat get that raise
And receive the boss’ praise
And your mind is in an angry haze
Lay it down

When your teens act like they know it all
Talk down to you, like you’re one inch tall
And your pressure’s rising with their gall
Lay it down

Turn your eyes to heaven
Know you’re not alone
The one who gives you peace
Will heal your home

When friends just turn their backs on you
Don’t care what you’re going through
And there’s no one left you can talk to
Lay it down

When bills are piled up to the sky
And still, there’s things you need to buy
You’re wondering what else to try
Lay it down

Turn your eyes to heaven
Know you’re not alone
The one who understands everything
Will make all known

When you feel you just can’t take no more
getting up is like a chore
You dream of running out the door
Lay it down

You search and search and can’t find love
Beat up by peoples’ push and shove
Look up- your answer’s found above
Lay it down

Turn your eyes to heaven
Know you’re not alone
The one who gave you life
Will give you a home

If you have trouble playing this on my site then go to Roxylee's and feast on this and her other stuff. Her Creative Commons License terms can be found here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been there, done that, burned the tee shirt... Thank you for the kind words, Tony. I think I got this song to encourage myself, and it worked. :-)

Wot, you outgrew playing the kazoo??
That's impossible- kazoos are for all ages, especially if one is over 50. (I made that up).

Thank you for posting this song. I pray it encourages someone.

9:51 am  
Blogger agonizomai said...


You are welcome.

As to my musical aptitude - one day I will tell you stories about my romance with guitars. But not now.



12:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll look forward to hearing that story.:-)

10:31 pm  

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