Agonizomai: Sermon of the Week - Elder Authority

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sermon of the Week - Elder Authority
The following message from John Neufeld of Willingdon Church, Burnaby, BC is very appropriate to the present study in Revelation. It was delivered at a conference at the church called "reFocus Canada" for which there is a separate blog site here.

The session is all about the nature of eldership, the call to eldership and the responsibilities of eldership. I only wish there had been such understanding at some of churches I have attended in the past. And while I might have some very minor quibbles with some things he says he is, by and large, right on the money - touching on such hot potatoes as "female eldership" and the duty of elders to not only feed the sheep, but also to guard them against the wolves. This is a great listen and very helpful to understanding how God's appointed hierarchy actually works in the local church.


John Neufeld

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