Agonizomai: Mea Culpa

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mea Culpa

Alright, already! You caught me goofing off a little. No, I didn't go fishing (though I'd love to) and I wasn't off on my travels again. The computer fan really was on the fritz, but it turned out to be an intermittent fault. Things seem to be alright at the moment.

I have also been quite sick with a nasty cold, and with nobody to look after me, or to say "Ah there!" whenever I moaned. And, while I'm being completely honest here, it was very difficult to find the motivation to get back to posting every day. I needed the rest. In fact, I'll be giving a lot of thought during the remainder of the Revelation posts as to how (or if) I want to run the blog thereafter.

But for now at least, it's back to the grind. Tomorrow posting begins again in earnest.


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