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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sermon of the Week
The Essential Gospel
This brother, David C. Innes of Hamilton Square Baptist Church, San Francisco, CA, represents the very best of the Southern Baptist fundamentalist Arminian persuasion. I've never listened to him before and I may not again. But the experience was edifying.

Firstly, there is more than enough in this sermon to get the job done. It contains the essential gospel. Law and gospel are clearly delineated. The gospel itself is presented as being salvation by faith alone in the finished work of Christ alone and is crystal clear. Kudos to the pastor. And then there is an extremely helpful explanation of original sin and Federal representation in Adam and Christ - in fact, one of the best I have heard.

But by failing to tie it all in to election and particular redemption he necessarily skirts around the universalism that logically follows his premises and comes to the supremacy of the human free will. Thus the old Arminian difficulties lurk beneath the surface.

And there is the extremely annoying misapplication (three times - count 'em) of Revelation 3:20 as if God was standing outside the door of the sinner's heart knocking to come in, and that it's up to the lost sinner to turn the knob and allow Him entry. But this verse is written to the Laodicean CHURCH and its pastor. It is not a soteriological reference but one of correction and rebuke for professing believers. Arrrgh!

What is a Christian?

David C. Innes

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