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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The 'A's Have At It

s most of you know, this is not a debate blog. I'm not looking to get embroiled in argument with people of other belief systems, or with heretics or even with other Christians who differ on the non-essentials. There are places that like that sort of stuff and they're good at it. Try Triablogue or Pyromaniacs (see links in side bar) if you're looking for theological debate.

ll that said, every now and then I do get the odd person who goes apoplectic over something I have said. The strange thing is that on the three occasions when missiles have been fired they all came from people whose belief system begins with an 'A'. How do you figure that!

t various times I've enraged an Arminian brother, an Atheist and an Antinomian. The Arminian opened up by calling me a slanderer, the Atheist called me evil and the Antinomian requested 'proof' of my assertions as if he was suing me in a court of law (ironic, eh!). I'm just waiting for the Arians now - or maybe the Amyraldians.

nyhow, don't get me wrong. I can answer most of the standard questions that are regurgitated by each of these belief systems fairly well, though others can do it way better than I. And in a different milieu I might easily go a few rounds. But there are people out there known in internet jargon as 'trolls'. These are people who make it their business to scour the blogosphere looking for anything that refers to their particular sacred cow for the express purpose of starting an argument.

nybody can tell who they are because they crash into your combox with all guns blazing, not having read the blurb about the nature of the blog, nor the rules for posting comments - and never having visited before, until their search bot of choice brought up a reference to their particular pet belief on your blog. People who do things like that aren't looking for answers - they're looking for a platform - and I won't give it to them.

part from that, I'm a reasonably nice guy as sinners go, and easy to get along with. I don't get a lot of comments here as you might understand from the nature of the blog. I really am OK with that. Some readers are kind enough to speak a word of encouragement or, even better, to mention how God has blessed them in some way via the materials posted here. So comment if you want. Don't if you don't want. Now there's real free will for you! - just not the libertarian kind!

PS - This is Agonizomai and my full given name is Anthony


Blogger Derek Ashton said...


As an Ashton, I Am Amazed that Agonizomai would Apply such an Appallingly Antagonistic Attitude to the Alphabetical letter A.

To show how Angry I Am, I searched the internet and dropped comment bombs on 4 other sites that Are following this trend you've started. I've also joined AAA to demonstrate my solidarity with the letter.

Derek A.

10:04 am  
Blogger agonizomai said...


As I Anticipated you Answered this Announcement Artfully.

As Always your Acumen And Aplomb make my Appreciation Abound in Awe.



2:02 am  

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