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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sermon of the Week
DeWaay, the Truth and the Life
I've mentioned Bob DeWaay before - or at least I've posted something from his church, Twin City Fellowship in Minneapolis Minnesota. Pastor DeWaay also has a weekly program called "Critical Issues Commentary" and publishes periodic topical material dealing with trends and heresies in our culture.

The following piece is from a sermon treating the passage in Luke 13 from which I derived the name of this blog, namely "Agonizomai", from the Koine Greek "to strive". You can read my take on the word here, but you might find it interesting to listen to Pastor DeWaay's understanding. This man has been around the theological block and has come to his knowledge of the truth and of the Christian life through much tribulation and some wrong turns. I love his honesty about this, as well as his passion for the purity of the gospel. Enjoy this one...

The Narrow Door and the Scope of Messianic Salvation
Luke 13:22-30

Power Point Slides Here


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