Agonizomai: Relative Goodness

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Relative Goodness
When absolutes go out the window it is not long before the ridiculous takes over. Here's an article about liars and cheats in college, admitting what they do, but still regarding themselves as good. Does this remind you in any way of our Romans study?

Postmodern think, in which people are absolutely certain of nothing, except that there can be no certainty, is bearing its fruit in the minds of those who grew up under its influence.

Goodness has always been relative to the world; this is what enables the natural man to justify himself in his own sight before others. It is why even prisoners who have committed the most awful crimes, such as murder, nevertheless band together to despise, abuse and often kill child abusers incarcerated in their facility. Regarding someone as worse then they are plays to their relative (if twisted) sense of morality and deceives them into feeling better about themselves by comparison.

But we have entered a new era where society itself is poised to applaud those who make good evil and evil good; where tolerance is demanded for all except those who stand upon absolute moral values; where the actual approval of what used to be universally regarded as morally repugnant behavior is demanded under threat of penalty. Freedom of speech, opinion and even thought is perfectly alright for the conforming crowd to whom all opinions are claimed to be equally valid, but dare once to stand upon truth and to speak the exclusivity of Christ and the right to freedom of expression dissolves.

The time is very near when God will purify His remnant. Those who are not of us will go out from us and prove their real disposition. The furnace of persecution is about to be unleashed on the Christian church in Western society, and men will think they are doing God a favor when they hand us over to authorities.


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