Agonizomai: A. Mohler Grinds Down Miller's Grist

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A. Mohler Grinds Down Miller's Grist

As a bonus second post for today, here's a link to an Al Mohler response to an article in the latest edition of Newsweek, in which the world's ignorance of, and malice towards, the truth of God's word is shown for what it is. Many a canard, misrepresentation, misinterpretation and misapplication is pulled out of Ms. Miller's bag of tricks and used to mischaracterize both the true faith and the Word of God. Mohler is far too nice to put it this way, but I'm not. As sound journalism, what Newsweek has put its name to makes pretty good jetsam (they both begin with "J") - but that's about all.

Only remember that they are as we all once were and pray for them, that the light might shine in their hearts and that, perhaps, God might grant them repentance.


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