Agonizomai: New Audio Problems

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

New Audio Problems

Once more the method I have been using to provide a player on site has been made unavailable. Because I don't have my own server I store all my audio files on a public server here. They have been developing their own embeddable flash player but I wanted to wait until the bugs had been worked out before committing to it.

Now I have no choice so, as of tomorrow all NEW posts will have a new player format. I'm afraid that older posts will not show a player at all. If you are capturing the posts in Google's Reader, the audio can be played from that client. I don't know about other readers. Also, the podcast will still capture all audio files from the beginning and into the future. Finally, the Feedburner site will display the last 20 or so posts and you can still play audio from their site by clicking the red arrow.

I do hope that both my readers are not too disappointed.


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