Agonizomai: "Samaritan" Shocks Self-Righteous Sophist

Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Samaritan" Shocks Self-Righteous Sophist
I am a subscriber to Gene Cook's "The Narrow Mind" on "Unchained Radio". I think I was attracted to the program initially by the name "Narrow Mind". Maybe I was looking for somebody who was more narrow minded than me so that I could feel better about myself. That didn't work. Gene's concept of a narrow mind is more akin to the focus needed to enter in a the stait gate and walk in the narrow way.

I think he originally came out of the music industry, so he has an appreciation for all kinds of music genres and songs that don't make my top ten list.

In the broadcast of Dec 13th, towards the end, he played the audio from the following YouTube rap video (yes, I said RAP VIDEO!!*#@!) by Shai Linne. Have I said how much I HATE rap? Oh well, at least this one's sung acapella. And it will blow your socks off.

The shame is that it confuses an old "frozen chosen" guy like me to hear the gospel of grace and the sovereignty of God proclaimed more clearly than from many pulpits - and in power, to boot - but out of what I have allowed myself to think of as a "Samaritan" culture. God have mercy on me!

But, no - I'm not going all hip-hop and dreadlocks any time soon...


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