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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sermon of the Week
Exploring the Issues of Messianic Prophecy
This Sunday School Class is part of a Hermeneutics series from Twin City Fellowship in Minneapolis, MN. The teacher is Pastor Ryan Habbena.

This section of a very extensive program at Twin City has been selected specifically because it deals with the underlying complexities of OT prophecies. And the fulfillment of OT prophecy is also a very large part of the arguments of the writer to the Hebrews. Consequently, in the Hebrews study, we shall run into some difficulties which are quite similar to the "seed promise" prophecies discussed here.

Two observations come to mind:

One is that this is material being taught to a regular Sunday School class, and the vast majority of those in attendance are ordinary Joes and Janes like you and me. That's a far cry from the quality of stuff being disseminated at so many churches today.

A second observation is that, though I have never studied Hermeneutics, I was amazed to find Pastor Habbena making observations about prophecy that are similar to those I make in Hebrews, though his are, of course much clearer and more succinct than mine.
In any event, I think that some listeners will benefit from catching this one while diving into the early parts of Hebrews. Enjoy...

Exploring the Issues of Messianic Prophecy - Ryan Habbena


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