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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Inane Darwinian Assumption - Reprise

Dear readers - do you remember IDA the Lemur? If not please refresh your minds by visiting this link to an earlier post of mine.

You may recall that scientism announced that the definitive "missing link" had been discovered in this fossil, and some so-called scientists were running around calling it the discovery that would be the watershed moment for evolutionary biology, anthropology and paleontology for the next 50 or 100 years. Stuff like that.

Well here is proof of what we used to call the Gi-Go system. Garbage in-garbage out. In this case it becomes clear that a scientific education is no guarantee of common sense. A well educated fool is still a fool.

And in support of this, I now give you this latest article. Note the spin in the article which emphatically avows:
"Experts protested that Ida wasn't even a close relative. And now a new analysis supports their reaction."
Try to find in this earlier article (making the original announcement) anything remotely resembling what this retrospective spin is now stating. And when you don't find anything then at the very least question the reportage.

But with a little digging you will easily find other articles and comments about IDA made at the time of the original article in which "scientists" are practically dancing a jig at the discovery of the so-called long awaited final "proof" that we are products of evolution, rather than creations of God. Mark this process well. It is the same one used for over a hundred and fifty years. Widely publicized assumptions presented as facts which, being proven false later, receive either no publicity, or redacted reportage that tries to preserve the integrity of a broken process.

I know that some will view this later article as proof that the scientistic community has policed itself and corrected it's earlier poor assumptions. Look, then, for the international media coverage at the repudiation of the earlier interpolation of this fossil. Surely the self-policing scientistic community is anxious to correct misconceptions with the same fervor and diligence with which the original foolishness was promoted. But don't hold your breath waiting.


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