Agonizomai: Lord Let Me - Roxylee

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lord Let Me - Roxylee

Lord Let Me

Lord, I give my life to You today
Fill me with Your Spirit, Lord, I pray
Make my life become a prayer to You
Giving thanks for everything you do

May your Spirit take control of me
Streams of living water, flowing free
May your love touch everyone I know
Abiding peace, Lord, everywhere I go

Lord, let me be your hands and your feet
your fragrance so sweet
as I pass through this place
Lord, let me live your truth and your grace
As I seek your face every day of my life

Hallelujah, Lord, you are wondrous to me
Hallelujah, Lord, you are Holy

My Jesus, my king, your salvation is here
May the seekers draw near
and give glory to You
May your love and Your truth
be revealed to the lost
That they may know the cost
of what you did-for all.

Hallelujah, Lord,You are wondrous to me
Hallelujah, Lord, you are Holy

If you have trouble playing this on my site then go to Roxylee's and feast on this and her other stuff. Her Creative Commons License terms can be found here.


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