Agonizomai: Ida the Lemur and Scientistic Hyperbole

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ida the Lemur and Scientistic Hyperbole

From the news this week we gather that the long-sought after Darwinian missing link between primates and humans has at last been found. It is, we are told, 47million years old and resembles a modern Lemur in all but a few points of anatomy. It has been dubbed "Ida".

This is being hailed as the crossroads, the turning point, the watershed, the momentous ne plus ultra of paleontological/anthropological truth. Pictures of this fossil, it is believed will be the definitive illustration of the Darwinian view of human evolution in future textbooks for years to come. Though let us hope that it is more authentic than Piltdown Man, more honest than Haeckel's embryological drawings and more logical that Leakey's Zinjanthropus Boisei (AKA Paranthropus Boisei, AKA Australopithecus Boisei. The use of the Latin names does sort of lend an aura of credibility while, at the same time, making it both mysterious and daunting to the average non-scientistic reader, don't you think? [/aside])

Piltdown Man was a fraud perpetrated by someone unknown, but with suspected complicity by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (amongst others). This hoax, which took years to fully expose (from 1916 until 1955), never received the same publicity to the general populace in its debunking that it did in its so-called discovery.

Haeckel's drawings were a subtle deception perpetrated through a deliberately false record of supposed observations in the development of fetuses of various living things, including man. This con was never properly repudiated by the scientistic community and STILL TO THIS DAY can be found in some high school textbooks, utterly unredacted.

Zinjanthropus Boisei comprises of the partial skull and jawbone of an extinct ape dated to millions of years ago, and said to be an early hominid. This despite it being found in strata immediately beneath the fully articulated skeleton of a modern human discovered decades earlier (1913) by Hans Reck. Modern Darwinians naturally dispute the veracity of the find as an "intrusion" or a "burial", though most of the skeleton has conveniently disappeared.

One really needs to step back from all the scientistic double talk and purge the mind of the years of gobbledy-gook that have infiltrated one's thinking on the basis of evolutionist assumptions foisted off on the public and reinforced by the "academy" and the popular media. Looked at with sane eyes and common sense, and with a little digging (pardon the humor) the paleontolical/archeological "evidence" is a house of cards - shaky interpolations teetering upon the unsound presuppositions of Darwinism.

A case in point is the traveling road show/circus from about a decade ago which was towed around to various museums purporting to show the evolutionary transition of whales from land based mammals. Now, admittedly I was, at the time, on a day release from the mental hospital - granted escorted travel as part of a group to the Royal Ontario Museum; it was part of the therapy. But even in my then confused mental state I was amazed to see people thronging to see this "marvel" and baa-ing like sheep at the abysmal paucity of science as if they were witnessing the holy grail of evolution itself.

The actual display consisted of three things; a badly got up, stuffed, wolf-like creature (Pakicetus), a cheesy plaque blindly outlining the massive jump in logic from Pakicetus to the whale, and a picture of a whale bathed in revelatory light. Only the mood music was missing. Now, I admit that I wasn't firing on all cylinders at the time - but how many cylinders were firing in those who were so enthused by the cheap shell game?

Make no mistake, just as Zinjanthropus is most certainly an extinct ape forced to fit the presuppositions of Darwinian evolution and falsely labeled as an early hominid - so Ida is variation of a Lemur which, because it was found in rocks purported to be 47 million years old, Darwinism requires to be a missing link in human evolution without a shred of supporting evidence. This is scientism par excellence. Alas, there is no end to the gullibility of the fallen human mind.


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