Agonizomai: Archaeologists Find Joseph-era Coins in Egypt

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Archaeologists Find Joseph-era Coins in Egypt
Here's an article from "The Jerusalem Post" which is self explanatory. You can listen by selecting the link at bottom or read by selecting this link. The audio is read by a computer generated voice, but it is listenable.

What attracted me to the post was my knowledge that, in the past, the great scientistic and secular archaeological machine has variously declared that:

  • There WAS no Joseph
  • He was never in Egypt
  • He could not have been a ruler there
  • Egypt had no coinage
Well, if this find proves to be true then they'll have to sweep this one under the rug and conveniently forget prior erroneous claims without actually retracting them. That's just about par for the course with scientism.

Archaeologists Find Joseph-era Coins in Egypt

If the flash player does not work for this file click this link and it will open in your native mp3 player.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are living in exciting times, made more so by discoveries like this. It makes me want to go on a dig, not that any archaeologist in his or her right mind would allow me at any site.

8:44 am  
Blogger agonizomai said...


Just as long as you see that I said "if confirmed" about this one.

But there is interesting work going on in archeology. I subscribe to Associates for Biblical Research. They have a very careful and circumspect approach to things. I may differ with them on matters of theology, but their science is good.



8:53 am  

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