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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sermon of the Week
The Word Did Everything

The following sermon was presented at a Reformation Festival Service - November 9, 2008 by Michael Haykin. Dr. Haykin is Adjunct Professor of Church History and Spirituality at Toronto Baptist Seminary. He maintains some very interesting church history audio files and sermons here and here.

It sort of fits in with the Hebrews theme because it is all about the accomplishment of the Word, mainly in the book of Acts. What He addresses is the Word preached - the gospel disseminated - the truth proclaimed. My comments in Hebrews are more about the Living Word who proceeded forth from the Father - like an utterance. But Messiah was such an utterance as never happened before or since. It was God uttering the Eternal Son (and In Him proclaiming Himself) into creation for the purpose of the recreation of a people by redeeming them from the wrath of God.

But the Written Word testifies to the Living Word, and so we find comfortable parallels and commonalities. I leave the reader/listener to figure out what they are.

The Word Did Everything - Michael Haykin


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