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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blasts from the Past
Faith - The Sole Saving Act - William G.T. Shedd

Two of my favourite verses from the gospel are Mark 10:18 and John 6:29. Both of these verses are relevant in one way or another to the upcoming series on Hebrews. Here they are from the ESV:

Mark 10:18 And Jesus said to him (the rich young ruler), “Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone." It looks like a pretty simple statement of the face of it, but considering the context there is far more to it than first appears. Irony, hidden truth, poignancy and multi-level meaning are all there.

John 6:29 Jesus answered them (the people following after him who had asked what they should do to be doing the works of God), “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.” For years I passed over this one without actually taking it in. Then I got it.

But I won't steal William G.T.Shedd's thunder in the sermon that follows.

Faith - The Sole Saving Act - William G.T. Shedd


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How I love hearing Reformed preaching! It is so reasonable and opens up the true gospel so clearly. It dashes works mentality on the Rock. If you hadn't told me this was Shedd, I'd have thought you wrote this sermon. I'd send this to my Catholic friend, but she's foam at the mouth.

9:49 am  
Blogger agonizomai said...


Well, it sort of WAS me in a way. Unless Shedd suddenly acquired and English accent. [grin]

And Shedd doesn't sound so bad even for a so-called "High" Calvinist does he? As with all right believing Calvinists, there is lots of appeal for hearers to repent and believe, even though he knows God must be the initiator.

Love, simple gospel and prayer sound like, the ticket for your friend. Shedd would be like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.



10:00 am  

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