Agonizomai: Malachi 2:3-4 - The Covenant Keeper

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Malachi 2:3-4 - The Covenant Keeper

Malachi 2:3-4 - The Covenant Keeper

Malachi 2:3-4 Behold, I will rebuke your offspring, and spread dung on your faces, the dung of your offerings, and you shall be taken away with it. 4 So shall you know that I have sent this command to you, that my covenant with Levi may stand, says the LORD of hosts.

Could we ever doubt, after the fall, that what we do has consequences for those that follow us. This is no less true spiritually than it is corporally. The disobedient generation will give way to a more disobedient one - and God will deal with them in the same way. Because of the sins documented here God will deal with the children affected by them with rigor and discipline, calling them to repentance. If He does not then they are not His people - for whom He loves he chastises.

The time to worry is not if God is pressing you to within an ounce of life - but when He sends neither rain nor sunshine, because that may then be the harbinger of having been given up to sin.

In all this - in warnings and chastisements - we are pointed back to the covenant-keeping God who made representations to Levi for His Own great Names’ sake. The priesthood received promises from God and they were given responsibilities to perform.


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