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Monday, February 25, 2008

The King of Love
Here is another flash recording (works well in Firefox) of a presentation I once made to a Sunday School class. (Using MSInternet Explorer? Does it sound like the Chipmunks? Can't see or access the flash media? Here's a streaming MP3 link) In my mind I had visions of holding up a book (not a Bible, but a book that I would pretend was a Bible) and ripping out sections as I made each point. I never did do that; too "TV evangelist" for me.

I showed it to a gentle and godly man before I ever let it see the light of day. He was completely put off by it. He said that he recognized "genius" when he saw it, but that the subject matter and the way it was presented was offensive to him. The reception in Sunday School was less than enthusiastic, too.

Does anyone else feel the same way, I wonder?

My moniker - that's John Hancock to Americans


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony, if anyone heard you presenting this in an offending way, they must have been rejecting the truth, not your presentation of it. You spoke the truth in love, and spoke exceedingly gently, too. In the modern church, preaching has gotten so lukewarm and sin is rarely mentioned. We need more good preaching like this Sunday school lesson.

9:44 am  
Blogger agonizomai said...


Oh well! Like ripples on an eternal pond, these words have gone out into God's universe for good or bad.

Our prayer remains that He will use it all for good.

I think I'll re-record this one (which is poor quality sound) and re-post it some time down the road. I'll look for a recording of the closing hymn to fade out to as well.



10:36 am  

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