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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Agonizomai Redux?
Quite unexpectedly there have been some recent requests for me to reopen my blog.

This brief and fittingly small flurry of interest arose from my having made a couple of remarks in the combox of The Pyromaniacs (see side bar for link) and their (soon to be) legendary 1,000 comment post. I was both sincere in what I posted and warmed by the genuine expressions of appreciation which came from some of the readers there. And I agreed to think about reviving my own effort here at Agonizomai. But I have a few observations - mainly for myself, but also for anybody that might be remotely interested.

Dropping a few remarks into somebody else's combox doesn't make me a Solomon. A brief flash in the pan that happens to resonate with a few people on a single topic is not a recommendation of my wisdom or erudition, and certainly no litmus test of my Christian walk. Yet a couple of well-meaning souls, no doubt carried away in the sort of momentary enthusiasm to which we are all susceptible, actually went so far as to propose that the Pyromaniacs consider adding me to their team. Thank goodness the Pyros are a classier act than to have done anything but simply let such sentiments die a worthy death, without even commenting on them. There is real wisdom.

I am not usually a frequent commenter. Even so, I have made some remarks in other comboxes that I truly wish I could erase on account of the lack of charity, the inanity, the vanity or the vapidity I expressed there. So, I suspect do many others. And, though even a blind squirrel finds the odd acorn, as I seem to have done recently, I hardly think this recommends me as a doyen of doctrine.

I will continue to read the Pyros because they are solidly Biblical, entertaining and easy on the eye. I read them not because I aspire to be like them (or to be one of them) but because I am not like them and, in certain respects I have no desire to be. The eye is not a hand, is it? Hopefully I will be moved to comment from time to time. But I already feel the urge to comment on things that I have no business speaking to, just for the sake of remaining visible for the wrong reasons - or worse, in a desire to continue getting some further accolade. I'm going to resist that for all I'm worth.

So, if I do start blogging again here at Agonizomai it will be to continue being that part of the body which I am - and to keep this blog in an overall devotional vein, rather than a predominantly theological one. If there remains interest in that sort of thing then I think some people might benefit from visiting here - and I hope they find Jesus in the details.

In case anyone is reading this, I am leaving shortly for England and will not be back until mid-October. If this blog is going to reopen, it will not be until that time, and who knows if, by then, in this medium of instant gratification, anybody will even remember the latest spate of interest in the musings of fellow striver like me.

My moniker - that's John Hancock to Americans


Blogger dec said...

Glad to know that your 15 min. of blog fame didn't change you :-)

Enjoy the old country.

5:33 pm  
Blogger agonizomai said...

Thanks, dec,

When I get back (DV), if I find any other persons have revisited and shown interest, I will start blogging on 1Corinthians and on the blessings of suffering from examples in my life, and the lives of those around me. That ought to keep people away!

6:39 am  
Blogger sf said...

I will be checking back in October!
I hope you have a great trip.
May God bless you richly!

In Him,

11:05 am  

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