Agonizomai: How Postmodern Theology Undermines Sola Scriptura

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

How Postmodern Theology Undermines Sola Scriptura
The following 9 minute series of clips comes to us from Pastor Bob DeWaay of Twin City Fellowship Church in Minneapolis, MN. Pastor Bob does the unthinkable by not only refuting the errors of postmodernism and certain emergent concepts in the church catholic, but by actually naming names. O horrors! That we should actually receive specific warnings about specific heretics! What will the liberals think of us that by saving the sheep from error we might offend some wolves!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was cool, because I've heard Bo preach a lot, but had no idea what he looked like. I want to hear the entire sermon now. He is right on- we should name names when warning people about false teachers. He quotes them directly, in context, so they are judged by their own words.

10:30 am  
Blogger Derek Ashton said...


Excellent video, thanks for posting.


11:00 am  

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