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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sermon of the Week
God's Hell

John Wagner is pastor of the Free Presbyterian Church, Lexington, SC. The "Free Presbyterian" designation may make some listeners/readers uneasy. They are the fundamentalist, fire-breathing, reformed re-born child of the apostate Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Ian Paisley might be their most well known figure.

But let us think as we find. In this sermon there is some frank dealing with passages that simply seem not to exist in the Bibles of many a liberal and seeker oriented church. Wrath, anger damnation, eternal punishment, pain, horror, unending regret, hopelessness - all the things that Jesus (remember Him? The author and perfecter of our faith, the creator of our universe and the final judge of every human being) specifically mentioned again and again in His earthly ministry. I'm speaking of that half of the truth that is simply subsumed in the present day universal distortion of God as ALL love and nothing else.

But Wagner is not unbalanced in this sermon, even though it treats of difficult and hard material. Some may be offended but I'm not too worried about them. The offense may ultimately prove to be cathartic; or it may prove once for all what they truly are. God knows. For those granted ears to hear, Wagner includes as clear a picture of the free grace of God in Jesus Christ as you will hear anywhere. He hits hard, but offers the gospel, too.

This is what preaching used to sound like before we "improved" it and sensitized and sanitized it in the 20th century. The sad thing is that it may be viewed by many people today as unnecessarily harsh, unbalanced and even unBiblical. That's their loss. Enjoy this one, but not too much....

God's Hell - Rev. John Wagner


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