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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sermon of the Week
The Flood

Here is an interesting sermon from Voddie Bauchan of Voddie Bauchan Ministries speaking at the church which he pastors, namely Grace Family Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.

In this sermon, he uses the flood account to draw out points about the dangers of our wrong expectations and how they can lead to the sort of error that is rife in the Word/Faith movement.

I generally try not to be too picky about sermons I publish here, but I did find his reference to the righteousness of Noah "getting him on the ark" to be misleading. Sure, Noah was a righteous man - but the Biblical term needs to be explained so that folks don't go off and start thinking of people getting into the ark of God's salvation by WORKS righteousness. I know this isn't what the preacher meant, but it might sound as though it was to a novice .

That carp aside, I liked the way the flood was unapologetically presented as an act of judgment, rather than as a cute little kids story about animals and a big boat. Enjoy...

The Flood - Voddie Bauchan


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