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Thursday, September 03, 2009

It's All Over...
My visitors have been and come and gone and went, as it were. And I am exhausted.

We went to Penetanguishene, Wasaga, The Big Smoke (Toronto) and Niagara Falls - and a few points in between. We rushed around, chopped and changed our schedule more than once and managed to get everyone together at least once for my Dad to revisit and/or for them both to meet for the very first time.

For those who care, here are a few (low resolution) pictures of the visit...

Four Generations (Jason and Brooklyn, me and Jacob, Dad and my brother, Peter)

The Grandkids (Jacob, Brooklyn, Kalissa and Tristian)

Dad and my brother, Peter (Dad will be 90 in March - D.V.)

The usual suspects with my younger son, Richard (in front)

The infamous visitors with my daughter, Cheri and her brood (Kalissa and Tristian)

As I said, I am exhausted. I am not used to having so many people around, nor living at quite so hectic a pace. So I'll be getting back into the swing gradually. Malachi is approaching its conclusion, which will arrive by mid-September - and then I will be taking another hiatus before beginning what may be my final series which will be on Hebrews. I hope to start that one around early October. After that I don't know if I will continue, but that may just be my exhaustion speaking. We'll see.


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