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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sermon of the Week
Death is Not Dying
No - I have not suddenly joined those who see nothing wrong with women preaching and teaching men. This address was made to a gathering of women in Vancouver BC by Rachel Barkey. It is the spellbinding testimony of a dying woman.

In any church community women are fully vested in all the gifts of God, including teaching, for the building up of the church in love. The only restrictions God places upon them is a hierarchical one in that they may not be elders, nor preach/teach to men directly, within the fellowship of the church. But this in no way means that men do not have a great deal to learn from our fellow saints who happen to be women.

Some of you may recall that my daughter lives on the left coast. She, like Rachel, attends a Mennonite church, though not the same fellowship as Rachel. And while I have a few theological nits to pick with the Mennonites, all my dealings with them have shown them to be a community of Christlike and caring people whose floors I am not fit to scrub. So this post is about what all the true saints have in common, regardless of denominational affiliation or sex, rather than the differences which sometimes get in the way.

So when Rachel, in this talk, applies 2Peter 3:9 to ALL mankind, or when she speaks about God not being present in hell, I pass over these things and don't let them get in the way of her message. There is a place for discussion of these things, but it is not here. They are of minor importance compared to the message of a sincere humble hope, displayed in the face of great tribulation that characterizes this lady. It is as powerful as any of the sermons that are posted here - not because she is a woman, nor yet because she is a dying woman - but because she is a Christian who is dying the death of a true believer, by the grace of God.

Death is Not Dying - Rachel Barkey

Watch the video of this talk on Rachel's site


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