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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sermon of the Week
On the Incarnation

Nope - this is not about Athanasius but Dan Phillips. The sermon below was delivered by him to the congregation at Sun Oak Baptist Church, Citrus Heights, CA.

None of us has a fully balanced understanding of the two natures of Christ. It is, in many ways, an impenetrable mystery while, at the same time, being an undeniable fact. I myself often dwell on the Divine nature of Christ at the expense of His human nature. Sermons like this one serve as a corrective to make my own perspective more Biblical.

In this sermon, Mr. Phillips goes all the way back to Genesis 3:15 and takes us on a brief journey of the highlights of both Testaments in order to make the case for the complete humanity of Christ.

I was particularly blessed by the nuances of meaning that he exegeted from Genesis 3:15 and its context, opening my mind to things I had not previously known or considered. His insights are aided by his knowledge of the original language. Thank God for people who who have the talent and the dedication to study these things for the benefit of us all.

And Mr. Phillips also goes to great lengths to ensure in this sermon that, while we are learning about the humanity of Christ, we never fall off the other side of the horse and forget about His deity.

Christ the Son of Man

Dan Phillips

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Dan Phillips is a member of the Pyromaniacs team and also publishes a personal blog called "Biblical Christianity".


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