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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Useless for the Purpose Intended
God made us in His image, not in His stead; He made us to reflect, not to usurp; He made us to serve, not to demand. No wonder we need a Savior! - Gleanings 16:604


Blogger Derek Ashton said...

This is so appropriate to read today, since I accepted an invitation to attend a live event with Joel Osteen last night. It's been a painful day, trying to shake off the blasts of man-centered thinking that my fallen nature would so much like to embrace, as well as the prideful criticisms that I might more easily justify and the UNrighteous anger I self-righteously feel in response to seeing my loved ones embrace so much jubilant heresy. Ah yes, despite all the humanistic babble I heard last night, I NEED A SAVIOR! Thank God - He sent One, and that One found me.

9:25 pm  
Blogger agonizomai said...


Amen to all that, brother.

As far as UNrighteous anger goes we must all examine ourselves. But it is not wrong to express what God says in His anger about those who will not go through the door, but also bar it for others. And Osteen's heresies are precisely that sort of thing. They inure people to the true gospel. When they hear the gospel preached they may say "Heard that! Tried it! Didn't work," without being willing to make the distinction.

Of course, Osteen doesn't have a corner on that market. You can see less blatant influences all around. For instance, today I attended the funeral of the wife (who I never met) of a friend who attends our Bible Study on Wednesdays. There was a great testimony of her faithfulness, her good deeds and her humble graces. They were no doubt true and they were encouraging and humbling to us all.

But there was no discernible gospel preached. There was more about her life and death than about the life and death of the Son of God. And her daughter, who is unsaved, was given the false hope of some vague expectation of seeing her mother in heaven. Not good.

I always think of funerals as opportunities for honing in on the inescapable issues of life, and drawing the line clearly. It was not so today, I fear.

But then, I am, perhaps, too demanding.



10:13 pm  

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