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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sermon of the Week
Stedman Stands Sure

This sermon was first given by the late Ray C. Stedman in 1973. Brother Stedman was an elder at the Peninsula Bible Church, Palo Alto, CA. If you listen, in this reprise, towards the end, he speaks of a great challenge that he was facing in life, and that challenge was the cancer with which he had been diagnosed, and which eventually claimed his life in 1992. He was drawing on the very lesson he was delivering, and was displaying the grace and power by which God upholds His children in all circumstances.

This sermon came to me at a needful time in my own life, and was a great encouragement. His God, like mine, is always in control no matter what the circumstances may look like.

How to Kill a Lion on a Snowy Day
1Chronicles 11:22-25

by Ray C. Stedman

There is a complete collection of the fruit of Ray's labors in the Lord at the Ray Stedman Library, including sermons, study materials and helps of various kinds.


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