Agonizomai: Sermon of the Week<br>When the Past Catches up with You<br>Roy Hargrave

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sermon of the Week
When the Past Catches up with You
Roy Hargrave
An Easter Sunday Post

Time for some small sharp stones. I mean not only the gravelly tones of Pastor Hargrave's voice, but also the gritty truth of his theology.

This is really a sermon about God's overarching providence. It is a sermon that recognizes the sovereignty of God at work over and through the will of men. It speaks to the heart of the believer, explaining the way God uses circumstances, hardship, opposition and tribulation of all kinds in order to shape and grow and mature His people.

This is not one for seeker-sensitive crowd; this is one for the found, the saved, the child of God who is already embroiled in the battle. It is a sermon preached to and for the church of God, and not tailored in ANY way to the "possibles" or the "maybes" or the "wannabes". It reminds me of that time when Jesus, by speaking the truth about the real condition of his hearers succeeded in driving away all the hangers-on and the miracle-seeking flesh-ites (John 6). That's what the true gospel, rightly preached does - it divides and separates wheat and chaff, good and evil, sincerity and hypocrisy.

I'd better stop before this turns into a sermon of my own. Enjoy this one...


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