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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jehovah Findeth None!

What though th' accuser roar
Of ills that I have done;
I know them well, and thousands more:
Jehovah findeth none.

His be the Victor's name
Who fought our fight alone:
Triumphant saints no honour claim;
Their conquest was His own.

By weakness and defeat
He won the meed and crown;
Trod all our foes beneath His feet,
By being trodden down.

He hell in hell laid low;
Made sin, He sin o'erthrew:
Bowed to the grave, destroyed it so,
And death, by dying, slew.

Bless, bless the Conqueror slain–
Slain by Divine decree–
Who lived, who died, who lives again,
For thee, His saint, for thee!

S. W. Gandy (d. 1851)

[Rev S.W.Gandy was a minister in Kingston-on-Thames, and in Devon, U.K. in the 19th century. His ‘Book of Congregational Psalmody’ was published in 1828. (source)]


Blogger Mike Kelly said...

That's the gospel right there, thank you for posting it.
God bless you sir, Mike.

5:27 am  

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