Agonizomai: Crown Him With Many Crowns

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Crown Him With Many Crowns
Here's a great old hymn, originally by Matthew Bridges in 1852. The thing I prefer about so many (not all) of the older worship songs is their adherence to sound doctrine so that we are either taught or reminded in the singing of them.

But beyond that is the focus that is found, not on the singer or his feelings or needs, but on the Christ Who redeems us and the glories of His grace. I believe that true spiritual worship is found in singing about Christ and what He has done, and that feelings arise from these truths, rightly apprehended by the heart. I don't want to sing about me - I want to sing about my God and Savior. Enjoy this one, as many of our brothers and sisters now in glory have done before you.


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