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Saturday, July 25, 2009

In Christ Alone
This is one of the few relatively modern songs of praise that I really like. The subject is first and foremost about God and what He has done in Jesus Christ for those He came to save.

I have to admit getting a bit narrow about the words in many hymns and songs. For example, in this one, there is reference to "every sin on Him was laid", which could be taken in a number of ways. Does it mean that literally every sin of all men was laid on Jesus Christ? Then we would either have to be Lutherans or Arminians as to the doctrine of substitution - for they each believe this, as I understand it. The difference between them on this point is that the Lutherans say a man cannot believe unless God moves him through regeneration and the Arminians say that God enables all men to believe and leaves it up to them.

But when I sing this one, I take the phrase "every sin on Him was laid" to mean every sin of MINE (and of all the elect) - which may be what the composer/author intended anyway. That way God is not requiring the payment of the sins of the reprobate once at the hands of Christ and again by themselves, eternally, in the lake of fire; and I also attribute to God all things pertaining to my salvation, including the gifts of faith and repentance which spring from a new (regenerate) heart.

Anyway - don't let all this mental gymnastics keep you from appreciating the God of whom these words were written and to Whom they are sung. This is one of those songs that makes me cry ... literally.


Anonymous Nick said...


3:42 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite songs, and this is my favorite version of it. When the line "up from the grave He rose again " my spirit soars far above this world. It's impossible to grasp the mercy He has for us who believe. It makes me cry every time I begin to think of it. Believing in a calvinistic way keeps us far from taking anything for granted. Knowing that He chose me and that He loves me enough to want to spend eternity with me just reduces me to humility and deep thanksgiving. Where's the kleenex box...

9:33 am  
Blogger agonizomai said...


I wish you wouldn't go on and on and on about things :o)


Where's the kleenex box...

I'm using it.

Blessings to all,


2:33 pm  

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