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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Introducing...Blasts from the Past

The following sermon was delivered more than 150 years ago by C.H. Spurgeon. Many of you will know that Spurgeon was a great English preacher in the Victorian era. In fact, he has been dubbed "The Prince of Preachers". Under his ministry and preaching, mostly from the New Park Street pulpit of his London church, more than 10,000 people came to salvation.

Spurgeon was an unabashed Calvinist in a time when liberalism and Arminianism were in the ascendant. He fought the spirit of the age clearly, faithfully and with vigor. Never more so than in this early sermon (No 52) explaining the true nature of the will according to proper Christian doctrine.

This recording is obviously not Surgeon's voice, but the narrator does have a English accent which, one hopes, will lend a degree of authenticity to the experience. A word of warning to the faint hearted...this sermon is nearly 50 minutes in length. That is almost three times the length of the sermon in many churches today. But take heart - I could have chosen George Whitefield, who often preached for three hours at a time. Enjoy this...


Free Will a Slave - Spurgeon


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