Agonizomai: The Value of a Systematic Theology

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Value of a Systematic Theology

It is essential for evolution to become the central core of any educational system, because it is evolution, in the broad sense, that links inorganic nature with life, and the stars with the earth, and animals with man. Human history is a continuation of biological evolution in a different form.

Sir Julian Huxley [An evolutionist, an atheist, a humanist, a believer in open marriage, a propagator of eugenics, a Social Darwinist and grandson of Darwin's British bulldog, T.H. Huxley]


Despite the cries of our Emerg*** friends that we need more epistemological humility and that systematic theologies are part of the problem and not the solution to the present state of the Western Church, there is evidence for the effectiveness of systematic beliefs. Unfortunately, this evidence comes from the opposition.

In the above quotation you will see clear evidence of a systematic theology espoused by an atheistic purveyor of scientism. He is a proponent of the spirit of his age. Would anyone care to criticize the effectiveness of this man's systematic theology - since evolutionary teaching has been not only de rigueur, but compulsory in much of the public school system for decades? And it has become the basis upon which the intelligentsia in the higher learning institutions (especially the scientistic ones) are now judged by their peers. No boat rocking allowed if you want acclaim, tenure or any sort of job security.

I shake my head at the naive and faltering missteps of the new "conversation" which rejects the very ground it stands upon. When the sworn enemies of the truth have a system of belief (however wrong and twisted) that gives them cohesion, a common goal and a degree of certainty and sureness, we are cutting off our noses to spite our faces if we chuck out the very pillars upon which the church stands and rely instead upon a broadcast and proudly held declaration of uncertainty. It's difficult to imagine anything more foolish, more damaging to the cause of Christ or more guaranteed to end in disaster.


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