Agonizomai: Rev 2:28b - Thyatira the Doctrinally Compromised Church<br>Christ <em>IS</em> the Reward of the Faithful

Friday, May 29, 2009

Rev 2:28b - Thyatira the Doctrinally Compromised Church
Christ IS the Reward of the Faithful

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Rev 2:28b And I will give him the morning star. 29 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’

The Christ making the promise to the church(es) through John is the same Christ that is also the fulfillment of His Own promise. He is the bright and morning star. {Re 22:16} In this we see the Lord is truly all in all - that all things are from Him and through Him and to Him. He stands at one end of our existence as the source; He stands in the midst as our Way and our power; He stands at the end as our reward. He is not merely one thing or the other but all things - for all things are found in Him. Salvation, whether justification, sanctification or glorification is truly understood to be a monergism - created, enabled, wrought and finished by God Himself for His people - and worked out in and through them.

There is no attempt to deny that we must work out our own salvation - but only that, in seeing it come to pass in us, we the true saints of God understand when we witness the changes occurring in us that it is all of grace, and all due to God’s riches of mercy and power in Christ Jesus. There is no explaining this. God commands us to strive to enter in at the strait gate and we will answer to Him if we do not. For, unless we do, we shall never enter in at all. But once having entered in we see at once that it was all God’s doing in us. Someone once said something like this...
Before we come to salvation we see a sign on the gate of heaven saying. "Strive to enter in," and after we have passed through we look over our shoulder and see a sign on the inside of the same gate that says, "You are saved entirely by the grace of God."
The whole truth is that we moved because it was God Who moved us (or we should never have moved at all) - but that it was we who moved; God did not move for us, but He moved us to move. We repented. We believed. But it was all in God’s gift to us as His elect children. There is no glory for us in that.

This truth - the fact that God alone is the source and the mover of all that is good in us, including our repentance and faith - including our endurance and our eventual overcoming victory - is the most blessed, humbling, liberating, joyful revelation to the human heart. To finally understand that all that we are and ever shall be in Christ finds its source in the lovingkindness of our great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ sets us free from reliance upon any human effort to gain God’s approval and delivers us into the rest and security of now and forever trusting in the love and power of God for all things.

And again, this is why it is for "he who has an ear to hear". The world cannot hear these truths. The false professor cannot receive them. It is bread for the children of the kingdom, whose eyes and ears have been opened purely by the mercy and grace of God.


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