Agonizomai: A "Flash" Light Turns On

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A "Flash" Light Turns On

I only recently found this out that some readers may be having problems actually listening to my audio on site. (Others may have a problem only AFTER listening to it, but that's another story [/smile])

Apparently the current player either doesn't show at all or shows but doesn't play the file. If you have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed and flash is enabled on your system you may be alright. But even then you might not be able to play the audio.

Derek Ashton at THEOParadox looked into the matter a little and figured out that because my audio files and player(s) are stored off site, and on different sites, the the filtering on some networks just won't let the info through. Apparently "proxy" sites are regarded as dangerous or suspicious. Sorry about that. Complaints and/or suggestions are invited. However, I can't afford to have a commercial site and be paying for storage and bandwidth.

Meanwhile, I will start to include a link directly to the mp3 file right under the player. Clicking it will download the file and open it in your native default mp3 player. I'm also going back to an older flash player for a few future posts to see if that helps. Why miss those mellifluous British tones, right?


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