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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Luther on Inspiration
... the Holie Ghost teacheth, preacheth and declareth Christ, all others do blaspheme him.

Martin Luther - "Table Talk"


Blogger underdogtheology said...


Reflecting on the Holy Ghost, I am floored by the fact that HUMILITY so permeates the Trinity, and this considering that they are of equal substance.

The Holy Spirit glorifies Christ, and Christ glorifies the Father. God values humility in His children so much because He Himself is a HUMBLE GOD.


4:01 am  
Blogger agonizomai said...


Exactly! Why some people get uncomfortable with this truth puzzles me.

I think that perhaps our amazement, or our discomfort, stems in part from the fact that we are so unlike God in humility. We think that if we were Omnipotent we should not need to be humble.

Or we think that humilty is found in self-abasement alone, rather than also in the uplifting of others.

Such thoughts are our corruption talking.

Great comment. Thanks a lot.


7:19 am  
Blogger Derek Ashton said...


It thrills my heart to read comments like these. I first found the concept of God's humility when I read these words from Rex Andrews: "God is more lowly than all His creatures." Those words startled my pride and shook me to the core.

The hard part is to properly define "humility" or "lowliness" and hold this in Biblical tension with His majestic greatness, His glorious exaltedness, His transcendent royal magnificence. I won't bother to mention that this is a beautiful _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Why is God WITH those who are contrite in spirit? Doubtless, it is because they are becoming more like He is.

Andrews went so far as to say that the 7 beatitudes are the "seven Spirits of God" in Revelation. Poor in spirit, mourning, meek, hungering for righteousness, merciful, pure in heart, peacemaking. It's hard to fathom or accept these things, but I've found these very qualities in God at rare times and places. He has fed my soul on this truth only when I have been most needy.


4:53 pm  
Blogger agonizomai said...


Thanks for the comment. It is a good futherance of what went before from underdog and myself.

After reading this, especially the bit about Rex Andrews and the 7 Spirits of God, maybe I'll re-post my devotional "Do You Need a Beatitude Adjustment". In it I try to get across that, in blessing us with Himself, God produces these beatitudes in us.

Look for it on Saturday, if I have time to re-record.



5:17 pm  
Blogger Derek Ashton said...

I will look forward to that!

6:30 pm  

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