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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Perspective and Encouragement
"As no temporal blessing is good enough to be a sign of eternal election; so no temporal affliction is bad enough to be an evidence of reprobation."



Blogger Derek Ashton said...

Arrowsmith? Is that you again, or just someone I've never heard of?

Wait a minute, aren't they are rock band???

9:33 am  
Blogger agonizomai said...


Definitely NOT the Rock Band. Probably John Arrowsmith 1602-1559, an English theologian and academic, and who was a mover and shaker at Cambridge.

I do confess, however, that my citation was from a secondary source and I cannot say in which of his works said quote can be found.

I suggest you ask a Clarkian, since they are always infallible.



11:23 am  
Blogger Derek Ashton said...

Oh, I thought you might have made a new pseudonym in honor of your retirement from blogdom.

"Ask a Clarkian." LOL. You must have read my latest post! :)

I'm DEFINITELY going to miss you. Just this morning I was taking stock of how much I've learned and grown through your work. And there's still a whole bunch I haven't heard yet, so I'll be catching up for a few years.


11:51 am  
Blogger agonizomai said...


I read all of your posts and will continue to do so. I'm just not much for commenting and you always make your points so well.

It seems that Arrowsnmith lived a life of 43 years BACKWARDS (1602-1559??!!??), instead of a life of 57 years forwards. Should be 1602-1659. Not my first mistake and definitely not my my last.

Write me for a perspective whenever the commenters get too uppity and you feel the need.



12:00 pm  

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