Agonizomai: And Can it Be that I Should Gain

Thursday, April 15, 2010

And Can it Be that I Should Gain
Here is a hymn by Charles Wesley. I have to confess it is difficult for me to get past the Arminian theology of the Wesleys and I'm always parsing their words for potential departures from Reformed teaching. Phrases talking about "God dying" or of Christ dying "for Adam's race" sail close to the borders of my sensibilities and I have to restrain my need for precise definitions of what the writer actually meant by using such phrases.

On the other hand, as in prayer, so also often in their hymns, the Arminians seem to temporarily lose their distinctives and form expressions that are congruent with a more proper theology. Anyway - for what it's worth, here is a beautiful rendition with nice graphics of that old Wesleyan hymn, And Can it Be...."


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